Senior Adult Ministry

The S.A.P.S. (Senior Adult Parishioner Society) at St. Cornelius was initiated to fill the need for ongoing faith development in the senior years of life.  We come together in friendship, with compassion and encouragement, to continue to learn about our faith and grow in our relationship with Christ.  Our spiritual growth blooms through our shared experiences and our desire to support and care for others.

The S.A.P.S meet every month of the year on the fourth (4th) Tuesday starting at 1:00pm in Dunn Hall at St. Cornelius.  The Senior Adult Parishioner Society is open to all senior adults and their friends.  If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please stop by the S.A.P.S. bulletin board in Marian Hall at St. Cornelius or call the Office of Faith Formation West at (810) 796-4701 or email us at